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Our june campaign
~ A Huge Success ~

A Way Back for Youth #YouthREconnect

This past year has left youth experiencing significant loss. Sarah reminded me this week that she was the last year to have a graduation prom (2019). No grad trips, no dance, no end of year formal. These are significant life milestones for youth. It doesn't stop there. Losses included time with peers, mental well-being, and experiences outside their immediate neighbourhoods to name a few. Grade 9s lost the opportunity to connect with the support of The Dam. It's time to replace the losses and prepare A Way Back for Youth.


We need your help! We've been actively developing our summer and fall programming to meet the needs of our youth. We are focusing on "A Way Back for Youth." Preparing safe and creative ways for youth to feel support and  enjoy some fun. Youth need safe opportunities for time with peers. Our campaign to REconnect with youth is launching. Youth need time with trusted adults, and we are here for them. We are getting out into the community and letting them know we are here and want to share with them opportunities to create some positive memories of fun this summer and into fall. It's time we get back to our youthful ways and broaden their experience of life beyond the isolated, sheltered existence of these past months.


June 1st launches our campaign to raise $10,000 to help #YouthREconnect and experience A Way Back for Youth. Your support will help us purchase the materials, equipment and supplies needed to create a safe active and fun summer and fall for youth. Give aways, resources and means for youth to connect with supportive adults and have some fun are all part of this Way Back for Youth Campaign. To help us reach our goal you can give at Every gift in June makes a difference and will support A Way Back for Youth Campaign. You can also help by spreading the word. Forward this email and encourage others to support the campaign to REconnect our youth.


Julie shared on social media recently, "I miss The Dam, all the card games!  I loved spending time there every day after school! Every staff member made such an impact on my life. Some more than others but everyday I'm so grateful that I got to experience the enjoy (joy), love, and happiness The Dam brings."


#YouthREconnect - Check out our activity brainstorm of activities on the right.

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