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Concern  reporting  process

In spite of our best intentions, we understand that from time to time youth or their parents may have a concern about The Dam, one of its programs, policies or against a particular staff. In cases where there is no harm to anyone’s safety and well-being we encourage everyone to try to talk things out first. Talk to our program staff and see if the issue can be resolved. Our main concern is that you, our youth and parents feel heard. Relationships and community are what The Dam is all about and being able to resolve conflicts is integral to both.


We understand that in some cases a concern may go unresolved. The link below functions as a confidential concern reporting mechanism for these circumstances where trying to resolve an issue directly with program staff has been unsuccessful. Concerns made through this link will be handled directly and promptly by the Executive; if your concern is with the Executive it will be handled by the Board of Directors of The Dam.

There are other circumstances where perhaps a staff or someone involved with The Dam has caused direct harm or has acted completely inappropriately. You may not feel safe trying to resolve the issue directly with program staff. ​These are the types of incidents that we want to know about right away and will take every effort to protect the safety of our youth and community. Please know that we have a responsibility where harm has been caused to a minor by an adult and where there is a threat of violence or harm, that we are obligated to break confidentiality and will inform the appropriate authorities.


We recognize that some situations require additional support and you may want to disclose incidents to a party outside of The Dam. We encourage you to reach out and connect to the local services of the Victim Services of Peel for such support.

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