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The Dam is partnering with youth to create an inclusive community where all are welcomed, valued and respected

why youth need us

We hear that The Dam could be in every community. Why? Adolescence is a difficult time of life, and many young people seek an understanding of where they belong. In The Dam, everyone finds belonging, a basic human need. From the safety of being part of something, they find connections to friends, values and their self-worth. It is then that they can grow, gain confidence and become leaders. 

Youth at the Dam report

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What happens if WE do nothing?

The Dam has been partnering with youth since 1995 and we CAN tell you what happens when young people thrive. 


“The environment and staff (of The Dam) helped shape me into the person I am today,” says Chris Rowley who is now an adult leader in the community. 


One of The Dam’s youth leaders says: “it’s hard to believe in myself; it takes courage to get up and try. My courage, in this case, comes partly from the people and community around me (at The Dam).”

The Dam continues to change lives for the better. Let’s give this present generation of youth the same opportunity.

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“The Dam has provided me with a family, a foundation to build strong relationships, and an increase in self-confidence.”


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