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What is The Dam?


Have you ever thought about how much work it is to celebrate a holiday? The bigger the holiday, the more that is required. Decorating, shopping, cooking, planning. Why do we do so much work? Some think the work is fun, but whether it is fun or not, we want to make the season special for our family, friends and ourselves.

Tess has learned not to expect much out of holidays. It is just another day to spend alone in her room. For Tess, this will be her first year participating in celebrations at The Dam during December. Decorating, treats, activities and a gift chosen specifically for her will be a new experience. We get shivers thinking that something we do for our families can be so incredibly special for Tess.

There will be a lot of extra work this year to celebrate the holidays at The Dam. With limited capacity indoors and needing to eat outdoors, creative planning is required to make celebrations special and memorable. Yet we do the extra work because the youth are worth it.

For youth who have had to endure a pandemic during their formative years, who have lost out on so many milestone experiences, we say this is a year to put in the extra work to make it special.

For families where poverty is a constant visitor, it is worth doing the extra work for the adopt-a-youth Christmas program so that Jacob can have the luxury of a new shirt.

For Tess, family celebrations usually include fighting or time alone in her room. It is worth putting in the extra work to give her a holiday where there is laughter.

The new youth this fall ask why we do what we do. “Because we care about youth!” we say. Then they ask, “But, how can you afford all this?” and we are able to say, “Because our donors care about youth, too!”

The Dam partners with youth ages 13-19 to build inclusive community. Through drop-in programs, development programs, outreach, speaking and mentoring The Dam helps empower youth to know their own worth, increase their capacity for healthy relationships, experience increased social support and improve their life skills. Many youth coming to The Dam come from pretty difficult places. 33% of our youth completing the most recent youth survey report being 2SLGBTQ and 67% report being BIPOC (Black Indigenous and Persons of Colour). We know these two groups experience multiple barriers to success. The Dam is intervening in these youth’s stories to help them write a new present and future not dictated by the pain that may be in their past.

The Coldest Night of the Year is a winterrific family-friendly walk to raise money for The Dam as they serve youth experiencing hurt, hunger, and homelessness. Team up, walk, and fundraise! It’s cold out there... but there’s no place like home.

Join us February 25th...

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There are many ways to donate

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Mail A Donation

You can mail in a cheque or "VOID" cheque, or phone in a credit card number. We accept one-time donations by cash, cheque, Visa and MasterCard. Monthly donations can be arranged through bank withdrawal, Visa and MasterCard. You are also welcome to complete the Donation Form and mail it to us. 

Through Your Workplace

If your workplace has a community donations committee or corporate foundation, please send us the information we need to apply for funding or donation-in-kind. We will be pleased to send a funding request.


If you would like to hold an event to raise funds for us, we will be happy to help you promote the event. People in the community have held garage sales, car washes, games nights, community events and Christmas gift drives. In some cases, we may be available to participate in the event, and possibly help arrange some prizes.

Donate Securities


You can give publicly traded securities, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and more, to benefit The Dam. For more information, see Abundance Canada’s excellent FAQ sheet.

Mail The Dam:

P.O. Box 21217

Meadowvale Postal Station
Mississauga, ON L5N 6A2

Office Phone Number

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