What Does Courage Mean To You?

In this video we hear from a number of youth from both our Meadowvale and Cooksville locations.  Each youth describes what Courage means to them.  This video is part of our Courage Collective program CLICK HERE for more info.

You Can Make a Difference

Ken our Youth Programming Director talks about how important mentoring is and how The Dam is establishing 1-to-1 relationships with youth in Mississauga.  Find out just how big of an impact mentoring can have by clicking "Play".


Ken talks about Self Worth and Value and how important it is for our youth to realize how important they are.  This video also features some of The Dam's very own youth.

A Message to Grade 8 Grads

Listen to Ken's message to Grade 8 Grads about how Grade 9 students have the most power in high school.  Think he's wrong?  Just click play and hear his thoughts.